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IMG Dec 2010_0209

Mill House Animal Farm is published as Kindle Book (in 4 parts).

Part 1 Winter 2012 will be available as a free download for 48 hours from midnight.

Happy reading!





sprouted from uprooted bulb within 2 days

sprouted from uprooted bulb within 2 days

never give up!

is full of yellow leaves.

IMG Dec 2010_3492

IMG Dec 2010_3501

IMG Dec 2010_3503

IMG Dec 2010_3509

IMG Dec 2010_3517

IMG Dec 2010_3502

IMG Dec 2010_3505

IMG Dec 2010_3519

IMG Dec 2010_3524

IMG Dec 2010_3511

IMG Dec 2010_3512

A rainy Sunday afternoon in rural Ireland

IMG Dec 2010_3529

IMG Dec 2010_3528

IMG Dec 2010_3527

IMG Dec 2010_3530

IMG Dec 2010_3526

But too cold for Monet I suppose…?

the best things

IMG Dec 2010_3338

in life

IMG Dec 2010_3339

are free

IMG Dec 2010_3341

It can be a challenge to be a (female/) farmer in Ireland…

IMG Dec 2010_3228

10 am: a quick feeding round of the 8 new piglets and picking up some cat food and other essentials in Oldcastle town on the way back .

Home at 11 am but unable to enter the gate…

IMG Dec 2010_3223

as a tonne (50x 20 kg bags) of pig feed has been dumped in my driveway! (I always keep the gate locked and the 4 dogs loose on the yard when away from home)

IMG Dec 2010_3221

Not a sign of the driver and no phone call in advance…

and he knows that I have no helpers or wwoofers and have to offload all the bags myself as I told him when he delivered another tonne some 3 weeks ago.

IMG Dec 2010_3222

I phoned the company and asked (twice) for their email address (they don’t seem to have a website)

However an email was not provided so I told them that I would post the info on Facebook…

IMG Dec 2010_3231

NOT GOOD for (anyone’s) business!

IMG Dec 2010_3232

Fortunately halfway offloading the pellet a neighbour stopped his car and dropped off his young son to help me. Thank you Fergus!


IMG Dec 2010_3167

A BIG sow?

IMG Dec 2010_3161

IMG Dec 2010_3163

Mother (3 years old) and daughter (2 years old) are inseparable (apart from quarrelling over food…) and still sleep together in the white calf hutch; even after having both delivered off-spring last year! ( and I remember advising mothers on Dutch “consultatie bureaus” (well baby clinics) not to worry as their baby sons and daughters would not continue sleeping in their parent’s beds as teenagers…?!?)

IMG Dec 2010_3169


A (large) sow lying down for a nap?

IMG Dec 2010_3171

Finding the right spot on a hot sunny day

IMG Dec 2010_3172

Shoving away some earth to find cool ground

IMG Dec 2010_3173

Weight bearing is on the snout and fore legs it seems

IMG Dec 2010_3174

Going through the knees

IMG Dec 2010_3175

That’s it! Now please leave me alone!


IMG Dec 2010_3186

A “poppy nettle”?

IMG Dec 2010_3182

DIY- Companion Planting?

IMG Dec 2010_3185

Perfect harmony it seems and I did not do anything (nor did I undo anything..)